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Wise Owl Multimedia is a professional photography and video production company that gets straight to the point - enhancing your business or brand. We provide an array of visual-driven services, such as Headshot Photography, Conferences/Event Services, Commercial Media, and Aerial Photography and Videography designed to enhance your professional needs.  


Our focus is not just on the services we bring to life, but also the individuals behind the service. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, our creativity, and most importantly, the lasting relationships we develop while shaping your creative vision that empower you in your decision to investor trust in us.

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Who We Are

Our Services

Our mission is to celebrate the individual, and provide clients with the means to achieve their creative needs, in a way that feels sleek and modernized. Every good element of production is worth the sum of its players, and it’s our job to create an experience to help you tell your own unique story.



Food Photography

Corporate Videography 

Marketing/Commercial Photography

Aerial Photography/Videography

Real Estate

3D Virtual Tours/VR

Meet the Team

Our emphasis on individuality rings true for us behind the camera as well. Here at Wise Owl Multimedia, we’re more than just a band of contractors, just as you are more than just a client to us. With Wise Owl Multimedia, you’re hiring visual artists who have reinvented the business, and view the work not just as a product, but as a story to help enhance your business. 

Ricky Haldis

Founder, Photographer, and Videographer


Brittany Benjamin

Marketing Guru


Tim Becker

Portrait and Event Photographer


Christina Mudrick

Portrait and Event Photographer


Patrick Schimenti

Videographer and Photographer


Eric Tsurumoto

Event Photographer

Jessica Uhland

Video Editor

We Are...


Behind every lens is a heart and soul.

We do great work for great people doing great things. 

Adaptable and Bold

This business of telling visual stories is lightning fast.

We are here to work with you, even when things change.


We have built this business around making your work easy, and your business stronger,

through tireless learning and understanding of who our clients are.

Modern and Forward-Thinking

With reverence to our craft, and homage to our mentors, we strive to constantly innovate reinvent.

Grateful for any and all opportunities

Investing in a multimedia company requires a lot of trust,

and we don't take the lightly. 

Strategic in the way that we work

The method to our madness has been forged by years of experience,

and refined by hands-on proof of success 

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